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What is Dutch Oven?

Feb. 23, 2021

As a China Cookware Manufacturers, share with you.

The Dutch oven is a thick-walled cooking pot with a tight-fitting lid. Dutch ovens are usually made of experienced cast iron; however, some Dutch ovens are made of cast aluminum or ceramic. Some metal varieties are enamel rather than seasoned, and are sometimes called French ovens. Dutch ovens have been used as cooking vessels for hundreds of years.

Durable Dutch Oven

Durable Dutch Oven

The Dutch oven is ideal for long, slow cooking, such as roasts, stews and casseroles. In fact, any recipe that can be cooked in a conventional oven can be cooked in a Dutch oven.

When cooking on a campfire, you can use the old lip-shaped cast iron Dutch oven as a real oven to prepare biscuits, cakes, breads, pizzas and even pies. You can place a smaller bakeware in the oven. It is also possible to stack Dutch ovens on top of each other to save the heat normally radiated from the hot coals on the top. These stacks can be up to five or six pots.

According to popular legend, the British Abraham Darby was inspired to make a Dutch oven after traveling to the Netherlands in 1704.

In 1704, he went to Holland to see how the Dutch increased the output of cast iron. He was very impressed by the Dutch. He returned to England and started casting his own pot. This is a theory of how these cookware got their name.

The Dutch cast iron oven quickly became popular, especially in the American colonies. It was very versatile and was the most important appliance in the kitchens of colonies or border areas. The design at the time had a flat top with a wide upturned edge. This rim allows the cook to pile hot coal on the top of the oven, use it on the fire, or even pack it in the hot coal. The coal on top allows the chef to quickly make bread, such as biscuits, and even bake pies.

This versatility also makes Dutch ovens indispensable in Western stoves, and there are several on each Chuckwawan chef’s wagon. With these, he can make a pot of beans, peppers, baked biscuits and pies on the same campfire. Feeding a group of cowboys is a necessary condition for them to stay happy and work hard while driving.

The Dutch oven is still cast iron and has a large handle on it that can be hung on the fire. Boy scouts and campers still swear by their usefulness. However, most cookware comes with what they call a Dutch oven, which is usually the largest and heaviest pot. Some manufacturers make these pots with enamel, which can produce strong, colorful, and durable pots that are lighter than cast iron Dutch ovens. They are still used in stews, vegetables, and anything that needs to go from the stove to the oven, and vice versa.

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