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What are the Advantages of Cast Iron Pans?

Jul. 09, 2021

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The biggest advantage of cast iron pot is that it has stable heat conduction, one pot is multi-purpose, and it can be physically non-sticky.

Take for example frying a 2.5cm thick steak. When a piece of iron non-stick pan or fine iron pan is heated, and the beef is discharged, Maillard reaction occurs instantly on the surface of the steak. However, the surface of the steak may be covered by the heat conduction speed too fast. It's burnt, and the whole piece of meat is still raw. This can be familiar with 3 minutes, 5 minutes is not the same thing, it is more like I accidentally touched an electric iron and burned, the skin was broken, but nothing happened below.

Cast Iron Casserole

Cast Iron Casserole

But the cast iron pan is different. Due to its heavy weight, the pan itself becomes a huge heat gathering place while absorbing heat. Even if you leave the heat source, it can continue to generate heat. So when you are frying the steak, you can view it from the side. Seeing how well the meat is cooked is a constant "climbing up" process. Experienced chefs will judge the maturity of the steak based on the “red and white” ratio of raw and cooked on the side.

And if it is a cast iron soup pot, when this pot is similar to stewed beef brisket in red wine, not only can the four sides of the sirloin be fried on an open fire until it is charred, but also can be directly put into the oven to complete the final crisp Steps for stewing and roasting. The cast iron pot with a lid has excellent airtightness, and the whole pot (including the lid) can release heat slowly and evenly, so the effect of meat dishes made by it is no less than that of any pressure cooker.

Finally, the physical non-stick properties of cast iron pans are actually derived from a physical reaction called "Leidenfrost Phenomenon": when a liquid comes into contact with an object far exceeding its boiling point, a layer of Thermal insulation steam, such as putting some water in such a high temperature pot at this time, the water will spin around like mercury, instead of tumbling and bubbling. When used in cooking, it is completely non-sticky by spraying a little bit of oil on a hot pan at such a high temperature.

In fact, any hot surface is fine, but a pot coated with a non-stick coating is unnecessary, and secondly, there is a danger of releasing toxic substances. Although the stainless steel pot can also be heated to such a high temperature, you will know after practice that if the stainless steel pot is burned in such a dry manner, the pot will be "black" before it reaches the high temperature.

Therefore, the most suitable cooking medium for this kind of physical non-stick is iron, because no matter how it is burned, the iron pan is black anyway, which does not affect the appearance or life span.

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