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Some Questions and Answers About Cast Iron Pots

Apr. 21, 2021

When it comes to cast iron pots, there are various theories, which one is true?

On the one hand, some people say that the maintenance of cast iron pots must be as meticulous as caring for the flowers in a greenhouse; on the other hand, there are also some rougher non-stick cast iron pots that can be used at will. Regarding cast iron pots, some claims are baseless, and it's time to solve these problems. As a China Cookware Manufacturers, share with you.

Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Fajita Pan

Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Fajita Pan

Question 1: Cast iron pots are difficult to maintain

Theory: The material used to make cast iron pots is very easy to rust, peel and break. Some people describe raising a cast iron pot as difficult as caring for a newborn or puppy. You have to be very careful when using it at the beginning, and even more carefully when storing it.

Fact: In fact, cast iron pots are as hard as nails, which is why some antique shops or markets sell cast iron pots that are 75 years old. The material of cast iron pots is inherently difficult to be completely destroyed. Most new pots have already been boiled, which means you can use them as soon as you get them without worrying about breaking.

As for storage, if it has been air-dried well in advance, then don't worry, it will definitely not crack. I just piled cast iron pots of different sizes together, and I couldn't count how many times I scraped off their coating when I put them in this way, but it was still fine. That set of delicate preservation methods should still be used on your non-stick pan.

Question 2: The cast iron pan is heated evenly

Theory: Frying steaks and roasting potatoes requires a high and even temperature. Cast iron pans are good for frying steaks, but does this mean that it heats evenly?

Fact: In fact, cast iron pans perform really poorly at the point of uniform heating. The thermal conductivity of the cast iron pan is only one third of that of aluminum. What does this mean? You put a cast iron pan over a gas stove and burn it. After a period of time, only the middle part is hot and the other parts are still cold.

Its biggest advantage is its high volumetric heat capacity, which means that after it gets hot, its heat can be maintained for a long time. This is especially important when frying meat. In order to heat the cast iron pan evenly, you can preheat it for about ten minutes; you can also put it in the oven and heat it for two to thirty minutes. You must use anti-scald gloves when holding it.

Another advantage is its high emissivity. For example, the emissivity of stainless steel is about 0.07. Even when its temperature is very high, you will not feel any heat when you approach it with your hand. The heat can only reach the side where the food is in contact with the pot. ; In contrast, the emissivity of cast iron pot is 0.64, it can make the whole food can get enough heat.

Question 3: Cast iron pan is as non-stick as non-stick pan

Theory: The more thoroughly the cast iron pan is dried, the better its non-stick performance. A 100% dry cast iron pan can be completely non-sticky.

Fact: When you make fried eggs or scrambled eggs, your cast iron pan can indeed be non-sticky. However, this is not at all compatible with non-stickiness. However, as long as your cast iron pan is good enough and pre-heated before cooking, there is nothing wrong with it being non-sticky.

Question 4: Never wash with dish soap

Theory: The drying process only coats the inside of the frying pan with a thin layer of oil, which will be washed off with soap.

Fact: It is not ordinary oil that is used to dry cast iron pots, but polymerized oil. This is the key point. In the complicated manufacturing process, this oil has been decomposed into the metal; this is one reason why the cast iron pan does not stick. Just because this material is no longer a single polymer oil, the active agent in the detergent will not affect it, so you can wash it with confidence and no problem.

But there is one thing you can't do-you can't soak the cast iron pot in water, try to wash it as quickly as possible.

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