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What are the Materials And Shapes of Commonly Used Bakeware?

Oct. 13, 2021

Our daily baking pan materials are roughly divided into three types: aluminum alloy, aluminized steel plate, and stainless steel. The following are the specific properties of the three materials:

In the shape of the bakeware, the common ones are mainly square and round.

Because the four corners of the square baking pan have a relatively large curvature, there are sharp points, and the heat distribution gradient will have a maximum value, and the heating will be faster. The circular bakeware has continuous rotational symmetry, that is, no matter how many degrees it turns, it can return to itself, which determines that its heat distribution is more uniform.

Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Rectangular Dish

Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Rectangular Dish

Therefore, the square baking pan will heat up faster than the round baking pan, but the four corners and edges are easy to burn, and the round baking pan is not easy to be burned if it is evenly heated.

Daily maintenance method of bakeware

1. After each use of the baking pan to cool to room temperature, please use a soft rag or plastic scraper to remove the residue remaining in the baking pan. When it is higher than room temperature, only use a soft rag for treatment.

2. After using the appliance for a period of time, it is recommended to use warm water and a small amount of neutral detergent to clean it thoroughly with a soft cloth, and dry the water stains on the surface before baking it in the residual temperature of the oven (about 80°C). 5 -10 minutes, keep it dry before use, or use a soft cloth dampened with baking pan oil to moisturize it.

3. Do not leave baked or unbaked products in the appliance, because the corrosion products formed by the moisture, sugar and starch accumulated in the product will corrode the metal material at the bottom of the non-stick coating, thereby affecting Coating non-stick effect and service life.

4. The bakeware needs to be cooled before being stacked and stored. When storing and stacking, be careful to keep the utensils dry. Do not store and pile up in damp places. When using them, they should be picked up and down to avoid collisions caused by careless operation. , Friction, causing abrasion and scratches on the non-stick coating.

5. Try to take out the baked goods vertically when removing the film. On automatic lines, it is usually necessary to ensure that the running speed of the conveyor belt is in harmony with the speed of the demolding action to avoid abnormal losses.

6. When cleaning the bakeware, please use non-irritating or neutral detergents. Do not use strong acids and alkalis. Do not rinse with high-pressure water and do not soak for a long time.

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