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What to Look for When Choosing a Dutch Oven?

Mar. 05, 2021

As a Red Dutch Oven Manufacturer, share it with everyone.

I said that there are basically two material options. Ordinary cast iron or enameled cast iron. I prefer enamel because you don’t have to worry about keeping the seasoning and the surface of the enamel is easy to clean. But their prices are also much higher. Ordinary cast iron parts that are properly maintained will also be great, and everything to do enamel will cost less, so please don't rule it out.

Camp Dutch Oven

Camp Dutch Oven

What you should consider is:

The most important thing you are looking for is a heavy pot. The bottom is heavy, and the sides and lid are heavy. What you want emits a lot of heat when needed, and heavy heat usually means more uniform heating and better burning sensation.

Consider the lid. It should fit nicely, with no gaps or slippage. Some have circular handles on the side or top, and some have knobs on the top. All is well, but keep in mind that the metal lid handle will be more durable during all the oven hours your Dutch oven might see. They say that the plastic is okay, but I am not 100% convinced. No matter what handle you use, think about putting on gloves, it's much easier.

The handle of the pot itself is a potential problem. Some ordinary cast iron pots have bucket-shaped handles, which I think are not so good for kitchens, especially ovens.

Size is another factor to consider, it is a difficult choice because it is so personal. The Dutch oven is not like a soup pot, a large soup pot is always good. You want a space large enough to cook what you want, but you don't want it to be too large to hold the contents, otherwise you will give up a lot of cooking liquid and evaporate too fast. This is not so important for soups and stews, but it is important for stews. Therefore, I will not be too young, but don't go too far, especially if you always cook with two people.

Another option is the shape, as they are usually round or oval. Oval shapes sometimes help people who can’t determine the size. Since the baking is usually rectangular, the oval baking pan can accommodate a larger proportion of the baking without becoming larger. When using a round pot, your entire pot needs to be at least as long as the baking pan. Oval shapes are less common, but they are usually not as large as circles. They are also usually more expensive.

Finally, don't compromise on size or cost. Any decent Dutch oven midway with proper care will last much longer than you. Make sure you get what you want, because you will stick to your decision for a long time.

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