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Why choose cast iron cookware?


Cast iron cookware own many eco-friendly features and cooking benefits.

◎ Long-lasting

◎ Naturally Non-Stick

◎ Easy to Clean

◎ Healthy for You

◎ Affordable

There are many cookware options to choose from, but cast iron cookware tops them all with its many eco-friendly features and cooking benefits.

Wondering what make cast iron cooking so sustainable? Here are a few of the benefits:

◎ Long-lasting: Cast iron cookware is made to last multiple lifetimes. Even old and worn pieces can be refurbished with a little elbow grease, making it eco-friendly.

◎ Naturally Non-Stick: Cast iron is considered the original non-stick pan, minus the hazardous chemicals found in Teflon. This means good food with no side affects.

◎ Easy to Clean: Cast iron cookware cleans up easily with a stiff brush and hot water. No soap necessary, so less resources used.

◎ Easy to Use: Even heating on the stovetop, in the oven, on a grill or over a campfire means versatility, leaving you with less cookware to buy and less energy used as it retains its heat better.

◎ Healthy for You: Cast iron emits small amounts of iron into your food, giving you added nutrients to help you produce red blood cells and prevent anemia. As long as you're not cooking high acid foods, have a blood disease, or using a poorly sealed pan, the iron is safe and healthy.

◎Affordable: It may not seem affordable when you look at a price tag of approximately $25 a piece. But when you remember than one skillet also takes the place of a casserole pan, searing pan, cornbread pan and griddle, and one Dutch Oven takes the place of a large bread pan, soup and stock pot, and deep fryer, you can start to appreciate its value. Add into that the fact that it will last you, your children and your grandchildren a lifetime, and it's a steal!

Why choose cast iron cookware

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