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Use instructions for enamel cookware


First time use instructions

Boil soapy water in your enameled cookware for ~30min (add water if necessary). Your new enameled cast iron is now ready to use.


After cooking, wash with warm water to get rid of any remaining food scraps that maybe stuck on the surface.

Dry the enamel coated cookware completely with a towel or using a heat source.

Store in a dry storage place.

Note: Dropping or bumping enamel coated cookware against a hard surface can cause chipping and even break the cookware. Do not stack the cookware.

If the enamel coating is damaged rust stains may appear. Make sure to dry it completely after cleaning and apply a thin layer of vegetable oil on the damaged area. This will help prevent rust.

Cooking Heats

To get the best cooking results, always pre-heat your cookware using a low or medium heat. Allow the cookware to heat slowly and gradually. Then, it is best to use low heat for the cooking. Using high heat is mostly good for boiling water for pasta, etc.


Before cleaning, allow the cookware to cool down and always refrain from splashing cold water onto a hot cast iron as the sudden thermal drop can result in chipping of the enamel or even cracks.

We recommend using a brush to clean our enameled cookware. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or metal sponges as you may leave marks on the enamel. First, remove the larger potions of leftovers from the cookware, then work with the brush. If foods get too hard to remove, fill the cookware with warm water for 20-25 minutes and try again.

Do not stack the cookware. Dropping or bumping the cookware may damage the enamel even though it is a tripled, very durable layer of porcelain.

Always fully dry before storing.

Use instructions for enamel cookware

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